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  • Cinema 4D Training from helloluxx
  • Cinema 4D Training from helloluxx

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In this third and final part of the series, Tim works with the Cinema 4D Multishader to demonstrate how you can build a complete deck of playing cards, with each card unique and no duplicates, whilst using only one material. This method is then taken even further as Tim shows you how to isolate a…

In this second tutorial on working with the Mograph Shaders, Tim expands upon the first tutorial, working with the Color Shader, by demonstrating how you can use this to control the colour of lights in your scene, as well as materials. To follow along, please download the Cinema 4D scene file here.   See Part…

This is the first of three tutorials which cover the Mograph Shaders. I have had these tutorials recorded for a while and they were originally going to be part of a new training series for Mograph, but I decided to post them online for free instead. I have worked with many people and held a…

The Whole Kit And Caboodle
The Whole Kit And Caboodle
One bundle to rule them all ... One bundle to bring them all.
Houdini Training
Houdini Training
Every learn. Houdini Jumpstart volume, created exclusively for helloluxx.
learn. Cinema 4D In One Day
learn. Cinema 4D In One Day
learn. In One Day with Cinema 4D Master Extraordinaire, Tim Clapham!

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The blog has plenty of free Cinema 4D Tutorials so it’s a good place to start, here are some of the most popular…

If you’d like more in depth Cinema 4D training then visit the shop with a selection of expert classes from some of the best professionals out there. Be sure to check out the Cinema 4D Training Spotlight page. One page viewing allows you to easily see a selection of our most popular training.

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