Rocket Lasso Plugins for Cinema 4D

We are very excited to announce that Rocket Lasso plugins for Cinema4D are now available in the helloluxx store!

Rocket Lasso Plugins for Cinema 4D

We are very excited to announce that Rocket Lasso plugins for Cinema 4D are now available in the helloluxx store. These powerful plugins bring unique new features to your favourite 3D app.  The procedural nature of these tools allow you to create effects never previously possible in Cinema 4D.

Create effects never previously possible!

The implementation is excellent, offering tight integration with the Cinema 4D toolset. These plugins support the use of Mograph, Fields, Selections and all the features you’re familiar with. You can now combine these native features with the Rocket Lasso plugins to supercharge your workflow, modelling toolset and opening up a huge amount of unique animation opportunities.

Unlock edges, polygons, and outlines from your meshes as parametric splines using the Mesh To Spline tool from Rocket Lasso.

Create the splines exactly where you want them through Fields, Selection Tags, angle thresholds, and facing angles from any mesh.

Extract splines from even animated meshes where more power is unleashed with splines that stick directly to the surface of your characters.


  • Splines from Selection Tags, Facing Angle & Fields
  • Stick Splines to Geometry
  • Mograph Compatible
  • Works with Dynamic Simulations
  • Easily Create Looping Animation
  • Render Any Edges as Lines

Ricochet from Rocket Lasso is a spline that bounces off surfaces like a laser, from completely filling the volume of your model with hundreds of thousands of bounces, to wrapping around and around your objects, or simply detecting collisions from any distance.

Ricochet precalculates its entire path, so there is no need to guess where it will end up or wait for the timeline to play every frame.

It’s like a particle system without the particles.


  • Fill any volume with splines
  • Seamlessly integrates with C4D generators
  • Easily layer ricochet for advanced effects
  • Interactively build complex rigs intuitively
  • Create Electrical and Lightning effects
  • No need to bake the effect

Chop up all your meshes with Rocket Lasso’s Slicer!

Quickly create a series of parallel cuts into your models that can be returned as splines, flat sheets, extruded layers, or even complex alternating layers.

Open up new parametric modeling techniques, create unique FUI elements, and combine Slicer with Cloners & Mograph tools to open up endless possibilities to keep pushing the limits of what you can do in Cinema 4D!


  • Multiple slicing options
  • Easily combine with Mograph
  • Works great with displacement
  • Multiple colour options
  • Clean rough splines with the smooth parameter
  • Precise control over placement of each spline
  • Layer Slicer for multiple cuts

Recall is the ultimate workflow tool designed to speed up your everyday Cinema 4D process, remove the fear of baking down your objects, and unlock the freedom to rapidly iterate.

Recall is like an undo state in the form of a tag, you can bring your objects back to whatever state you want, whenever you want.


  • Double-click workflow
  • Store camera position
  • Explore variations with ease
  • Keep things parametric
  • Store dynamics settings
  • Clean up the object mananger
  • Easily swap objects