• Plexus 2 for Adobe After Effects
  • DEM Earth 2 for Cinema 4D
  • X-Particles v2.5

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As we move towards the summer here in Australia everyone is screaming for icecream! Sydney based studio Mighty Nice release these fun packed spots for Peter’s Fandangles ice cream lolly things. Fandangles Fairy Floss Fandangles Toffee Whoopee Cookie Fandangles Choc Shmallow

Subaru Carparts from Sebastian Kowalski at LAFOURMI An epic piece of work, where we travel through a beautiful landscape built entirely from Subaru car parts. Created with XSI (heavy ICE wizardry!), rendered in Arnold.

If you follow us on our Facebook page or on Twitter then you probably know that I regularly post work that I think will inspire others. I’ve decided to post these inspirational links here on helloluxx from now on. I’ll use the tag inspiration for all of them and over the months will expand to…

C4D Soft Body Dynamics – Tutorial Part One
C4D Soft Body Dynamics – Tutorial Part One
Part one of a two part C4D tutorial created for 3D Artist magazine
The Most Powerful Particle System For Cinema4D
The Most Powerful Particle System For Cinema4D
The most popularly priced X-Particles v2.5 Professional on the web - $309
Houdini Jumpstart Bundle from Adam Swaab
Houdini Jumpstart Bundle from Adam Swaab
Learn Houdini, step by step, using project-based techniques

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The blog has plenty of free Cinema 4D Tutorials so it’s a good place to start, here are some of the most popular…

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