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Siggraph 2015 Rewind : Film Visual Effects

See how top Cinema 4D artists achieve outstanding visual effects for films and shorts in live presentations from Siggraph 2015. 01. Previz to Final Shot with Cinema 4D and Octane with Eric Demeusy 02. VFX for Indie Films with Josh Johnson 03. Breakdown of “Two Worlds” Animated Short with Andy Lefton 04. C4D VFX for…

Gatorade : Fuel the Fire – A RealFlow Case Study

Gatorade : Fuel the Fire – A RealFlow Case Study from GoldenWolf / UK   Anselm von Seherr-Thoss explains how RealFlow was used to make some amazing effects for the Gatorade commercial featuring football superstars Lionel Messi and James Rodríguez. …Incendii is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Nowadays New Orleans is known for a lot…

RealFlow 2015 : Tech Reel

Have you checked out the RealFlow 2015 Tech Reel yet? How about the RealFlow 2015 Showreel? Pretty awesome stuff isn’t it! let’s learn. RealFlow 2015 : Tech Reel  

learn. Houdini Flip Fluids
learn. Houdini Flip Fluids
Get your CG feet wet with Adam Swaab’s ‘Jumpstart’ foray into fluid simulations.
learn. Xpresso 'Write-On'
learn. Xpresso 'Write-On'
Master Xpresso & create custom tools to help animate ‘Write-On’ effects in Cinema 4D.
learn. X-Particles 3
learn. X-Particles 3
A comprehensive, multi project tutorial for X-Particles 3, from the legendary Tim Clapham.

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