learn. C4D Mograph Techniques 01

learn C4D mograph techniques with this collection of expert training from Tim Clapham. In this first instalment we cover a huge array of Cinema 4D techniques from using deformers, rigging type, blending clones and many more valuable motion graphics tricks.

learn. C4D Mograph Techniques 01 is the first in a series of tutorials to help you master the Cinema 4D toolset. Work fast & efficiently with these production ready methods to improve your skillset in Cinema 4D.

Taught by expert C4D user, Tim Clapham, with over 20 years of experience, these are some of Tim’s go-to techniques, guaranteed to provide you with essential skills for your motion graphics projects.

These tutorials focus on typographic effects, but all setups can easily be applied to other 3D objects or adapted for alternative uses.

Training Summary
Master the C4D Mograph toolset
4 projects, 8 chapters, 95 minutess
Plus 4 Redshift tutorials, 52 minutes
Includes free HDRI files
Scenes, models & textures included
All finished setups

Recorded with C4D R23 & Redshift 3
Min requirements C4D R20 & Redshift 2.5
Basic knowledge of C4D & Redshift is required.
Redshift tutorials optional

Each set of training comes with an optional companion chapter for rendering with Redshift. We decided to offer the Redshift component as a separate add-on so non-Redshift users can still access the primary C4D training.

For Redshift users, these additional chapters run through the setup of lighting and materials for all four projects.  Each chapter covers a different material setup, so new users can learn the various nodes as they progress through the course.



In this tutorial we introduce the blend feature of the Mograph Cloner object and the possibilities it offers. Blending objects allows you to interpolate between parameters of multiple objects, or even blending topology for morphing techniques.

Building the rig

We start with several simple examples of how you can blend between parametric objects, lights and point objects. Then we move on to build a more advanced rig where we blend deformers, splines and hierarchies of objects.

Redshift Setup

We create a custom lighting setup, plus using the RS Camera to add Depth of Field to the render. The material we create in this scene is an example of how you can define colour within the Effector or Field in your Mograph setup and transfer this into Material parameters using the RS Color User Data.


Create an inflating effect

This lesson will teach you a method of creating cloth effects using multiple deformers. Building this without the need for soft body simulation gives you precise control when art directing your shots.

Create an inflating effect, complete with wrinkles and collision detection, then bake it down so that the result can be smoothly played back in the viewport

Redshift Setup

Using Global Illumination with Irradiance Point Cache, combined with nice saturated colours allows for some great colour bounce and richness.

In this Redshift tutorial we render with the RS Fisheye Camera, using GI and several materials with bright diffuse colour, paired with simple bump mapping to define texture.

Round and round

Building the rig

Further exploration of the Mograph blending feature. Create a looping animation of type generated as concentric circles. Learn techniques to speed up workflow and viewport playback when working with blended deformation.

We develop a rig at first using Deformers and adapting this to an alternative approach using MoText and Effectors.

Redshift Setup

Create a lighting setup with RS Area lights, then build a shiny reflective material by blending together three other materials using additive mode to combine multiple reflections, resulting in a unique multi-colour material for this scene.

learn C4D Mograph Techniques

Squash & Stretch

Build the rig

Learn how to rig individual characters to create a squash and stretch effect. Using a combo of fast and efficient rigging tricks to keep the setup flexible and snappy, you will easily master this method.

Animate the rig

Quickly animate the rig using keyframe selections and auto-keying, allowing you to work directly in the viewport for immediate results.

Additional controls

Add in some extra controllers to allow for vertical distortion of the words.  So simple that you’ll be building these types of rigs with competence and ease in no time.

Redshift Setup

This setup creates a greyscale colour value for each of the clones, we then define the colours within the RS Material, using RS Color User Data and Ramp nodes, which allow us to use this material on non-mograph objects, resulting in flexible material options.