CG HDRI / Winter Skies from helloluxx by Shawn Astrom

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CG HDRI / Alien Skies

Alien Skies CG HDRI is an out of this world set of impossible image based lighting maps … made possible by a human.

$59.00 each (before discount)

CG HDRI / Epic Sunsets

An epic collection of hand-crafted, image-based lighting maps, rendered at 14000x7000 with a higher dynamic range than the norm.

$59.00 each (before discount)

CG HDRI / Amazing Overcast

These CG HDRI skies have an amazing amount of detail and exposure control with a dynamic range of over 25 stops, at a resolution of 14000×7000px.

$59.00 each (before discount)

CG HDRI / Galaxy Nebula

These seamless HDRI Nebula maps have all been created at a resolution of 14K with a dynamic range of over 30 stops!

$59.00 each (before discount)

CG HDRI / Perfect Clouds

The dynamic range of CG HDRI / Perfect Clouds range from 25-35 stops. They also ship with alpha channels.

$59.00 each (before discount)

CG HDRI / Winter Skies

CG HDRI / Winter Skies is one of our favourite 'skies' collections.

$59.00 each (before discount)

CG HDRI / Surreal Sunsets

Upgrade your toolkit with Surreal Sunsets 18K CG HDRI collection, a must-have for any 3D artist. Bring a distinctive and mesmerizing feel to your work.

$59.00 each (before discount)

CG HDRI / Dusk Skies

Introducing this stunning Dusk Skies HDRI collection, ultra-high resolution, photorealistic HDRIs that capture the mesmerizing beauty of twilight.

$59.00 each (before discount)

CG HDRI / High Noon

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking brilliance of High Noon HDRI. These stunning HDRIs perfectly capture the vibrancy of midday's sun-drenched skies

$59.00 each (before discount)