CG HDRI / Galaxy Nebula

These seamless maps have all been created at a resolution of 14K with a dynamic range of over 30 stops

Holy space cow! Well this is certainly something new!

Have you ever wanted or needed a 360° nebula star map to make super dope awesome space renders? Shawn Astrom certainly did, like, ALL the time! So he spent several months developing these far-out-man HDRI maps.

No joke, these CG HDRI / Galaxy Nebula maps have an amazing dynamic range and allow you to make very cool space renders … FAST!

Some of these seamless maps took over 70 hours to render with true 3D volumetric displacement using Arnolds proprietary volume rendering tech. SA Studios and helloluxx cannot wait to see what y’all make with these!

Incredible 14000×7000 pixel resolution
30 stops for adjusting exposure
2K maps also included for all ten images
Alpha channel included as separate pass
Use with Physical, Redshift, Octane, Corona, Arnold and other modern renderers

Nebula HDRI