HDRIs : Film Science / Shoot Locations

The twenty best 8K HDRIs of unique film shoot location interiors and exteriors, with up to 21 stops of dynamic range.

You already have HDRI packs … so why do you need these?!

These 8K HDRIs are fully compatible with Octane, Redshift, Arnold, Corona, V-Ray and many other modern render engines..  Simply drop the folder “50_Film_Science_HDRIs_01” in your pack location! If you only want the folder of EXRs, grab “HDRIs Only”

Perfectly hand-balanced exposures guarantee awesome results immediately.  Amazing clarity and detail, bracketed raw DNG exposures taken automatically from the Insta360 Pro II. Raw files merged to HDRI means less interference from camera tone-mapping.

20 high quality HDRIs
Stunning 8K resolution
Crisp shadows and incredible reflections.
Raw files merged to HDRI for highest quality
Includes 8K tone-mapped .jpeg backplates for realistic skies and exteriors, without worrying about HDRI exposure
Includes all of the HDRIs pre-converted to ACEScg color space using the OCIO color workflow