CG HDRI / Amazing Overcast

These CG HDRI skies have an amazing amount of detail and exposure control with a dynamic range of over 25 stops, at a resolution of 14000×7000

CG HDRI / Amazing Overcast is an awesome collection of very cloudy HDRI sky maps.

Shawn Astrom from over at SA Studios had been wanting to create these for a long while but the render times on some of these skies were over 100 hours! Thank goodness Shawn kept at it and that they are done now, ready for you to use in your CG art!

Use these skies in your everyday projects to get a bunch of comments on Insta asking, “How did you make those clouds?!”

With a dynamic range of over 25 stops and at a resolution of 14000 x 7000, these skies have an amazing amount of detail and exposure control.

Import these great maps into your favourite 3D software and use them to illuminate your CG projects. We are sure you will be impressed!

Incredible 14000×7000 pixel resolution
25 stops for adjusting exposure
2K maps also included for all ten images
Alpha channel included as separate pass
Use with Physical, Redshift, Octane, Corona, Arnold and other modern renderers