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Fume FX 4 June 2015

Carbon 3D : A RealFlow Case Study

Carbon 3D : A RealFlow Case Study from Fusion CI Studios Fusion CI Studios is committed to excelling at complex dynamic fx challenges. Realistic physical simulation is the core of their work – complex fluid and particle fx like smoke, fire, explosions and rigid/soft body dynamics at uncompromising, photo-real, feature-film quality. …When Carbon 3D announced […]

Realflow 27 March 2015

RealFlow Tutorial - Josh Clos - Cinema 4D Fluid Dimension Challenge Winner

Shown below is a tutorial that takes you step-by-step through Josh’s process in creating the awesome RealFlow fluid simulation which won him the RealFlow / Cinema 4D Fluid Dimension Challenge in December 2014.

Realflow 18 March 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight - A RealFlow Case Study

Blur Studio is an award-winning production company based in Culver City, California. They work on such jobs ranging from commercials, games, cinematics and VFX for film, Brandon Young from Blur talks about working with the Caped Crusader’s awesome vehicle using RealFlow.

Cinema 4D 17 March 2015

99Frames 2K15

99Frames is back for another year! Rich Nosworthy (Design & Animation) & Sono Sanctus (Music and Sound Design) have put together a fantastic teaser to get your creativity flowing, kudos guys! Join this Vimeo Group to participate in the project. It is open to anyone and the rules are simple. Rules #1 – Animation is […]

Inspiration 12 November 2014

The Breakdown

This post is all about the process beyond the public window, the stuff we do. There’s a mix of motion graphics and visual effects, branding, commercials and feature film work, some from individuals up to huge facilities.

Inspiration 1 October 2014

Nickelodeon IDs From Ronda

I absolutely love these Nickelodeon IDs,  Produced by Ronda, an animation and design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Inspiration 18 September 2014

RUSH HOUR from Black Sheep Films

This is a great parody of all those crazy busy road junctions that you see posted up on YouTube.  RUSH HOUR from Black Sheep Films, (Directed by Fernando Livschitz) at first appears to be a busy road junction with many careless or downright crazy drivers and pedestrians.

Inspiration 17 September 2014

Hand Drawn Animation from Hello Mau

Here’s one I stumbled upon today which is a real gem.  Just Play from Hello Mau is a quirky, fun animation created frame by frame in Photoshop and finished up in After Effects.

Inspiration 16 September 2014

Fandangles Spots from Mighty Nice

As we move towards the summer here in Australia everyone is screaming for icecream! Sydney based studio Mighty Nice release these fun packed spots for Peter’s Fandangles ice cream lolly things.