Redshift Essential Toon Materials : C4D

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Redshift Essential Toon Materials is set of over 100 Cinema 4D presets which have been built as an introduction to the Redshift Toon and Contour nodes.

A collection of 100 materials for Cinema 4D demonstrate how to manipulate the Redshift Toon & Contour nodes to create your desired effect.  Each material includes remarks in the network to explain the nodes.  This library is a great way to learn how to build a particular look or simply grab a style and adapt it to your scene.

Create halftone, grids and lines for shading. Combine with Redshift’s nodes to add wear and tear to create organic results. The Contour node allows fine line, marker pen, chalk and more.

The new system is simple yet versatile. Comic book print, manga and anime are all covered in this collection. Manipulate your lines based on angle, distance, use noise, tiles, bitmaps to add texture and realism. Create old newspaper, or mix your own CMYK plates.

Easily follow along with annotation and remarks. Use the Take system to preview the materials live in your Redshift Renderview.



Product Summary
127 Redshift Toon materials
Notes and annotations included
Combine with regular RS nodes
Anime, Halftone, Grids, Posterized
Create HUD, wireframe, sketches, markers
Multiple styles, easily adaptable

Recommended requirements
Cinema 4D 2024.4
Redshift 3.6 and above

Shaderball scene courtesy of Rich Nosworthy, Thank you!


The node networks include notes which explain how to work with each setup.

Halftone / Grid / Sine Waves / Lines

RS Toon Material

Cartoon / Anime / Flat

Contour / Lines / Markers / Edges

What are you waiting for? It’s Toon Time!