Rig & Animate a Camera in C4D

In this free tutorial you can follow along with Tim Clapham and build this flexible C4D camera rig, then explore four types of shot and how to tackle them. We also included the rig as a free download.

Cinema 4D Camera Rig

In this new tutorial from Tim Clapham, you will build the ULTIMATE Cinema 4D Camera Rig!  Ok, maybe ULTIMATE (all caps) is pushing it… HELL NO! This rig is pretty darned good and we think you’re going to love it.  Tim teaches not only the technical construction of this rig using Xpresso and User Data, but he also demonstrates it’s versatility by showing practical examples of how you might use this in your own projects.


If you’re new to Xpresso then this is a great way to get started as the Xpresso is very straight forward.  Once setup, we dive into the first test, which is a simple orbiting shot.  Next Tim adapts the set-up and demoes this with a new scenario of a vehicle moving through a city.  Finally, the rig is used in combo with the Align To Spline Tag, in just a few minutes, Tim blocks out a rollercoaster of a camera move down a winding canyon.

Click here to watch the tutorial and download the rig for yourself.