Topowire for Cinema 4D


Topowire is a Cinema 4D spline generator for automatically
creating hanging wire connections between objects

TopoWire is a spline generator plugin that works by attaching splines to geometry. You can use a single or multiple objects and easily control the minimum and maximum length of the wires. By using Falloff you can further control the placement of the splines.

With one click you can convert your topowire into a dynamic spline which will work with collisions and all the dynamic forces available in Cinema 4D.

To render the splines, you can use the C4D hair material or Topowire can generate geometry for you by adding a Sweep. Most third party render engines such as Octane or Redshift will allow you to render splines without the need to geometry, keeping your scene fast and efficient.


  • Compatible with C4D R19 – R26
  • Create wires connecting your objects
  • Control number of wires, thickness
  • Minimum and Maximum wire length
  • Add dynamics with a single click
  • Use falloff for fine control of placement
  • Full procedural spline generation