Respline for Cinema 4D


Respline is a collection of procedural spline tools for Cinema 4D
This powerful suite of tools will take your creative possibilities to the next level!

Respline introduces an automatic conversion feature
which converts any object into a spline.

Compatible with C4D R20 – R26


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Edge Splines

This generator turns edges of its child object into parametric splines.

Options include

  • Use all edges, with option for edge selection.
  • Use Phong Tag to use angle defined in phong tag
  • Override Phong Tag enables phong angle slider


Fillet has two modes, sharp and smooth. Sharp will chamfer the corners with hard angles and smooth will smoothly fillet the corners.

Both options allow you to define a point selection to limit the effect.

Motion Trim

This generator limits the spline object from its start and end.

Offset moves the spline along itself

Animation speed allows for automatic offset.

Offset is based on the spline points which may not be evenly distributed. It is recommended to resample the spline first to acheive even spacing of your points.


Outline creates an outline based on the child objects normal direction. The outline can use both positive and negative numbers.

Outline distance is not limited which allows exaggerating values for achieving artistic results.

Post Process

This generator takes advantages of C4D’s powerful spline processing algorithms and allows you to parametrically apply these to any kind of object.

Using either an object or existing spline, you can change the type of spline, close spline, adjust intermediate points, number or angle.

All the spline controls you are used to in a parametric generator.


Relimit allows you to limit the spline segments being generated based on their size or the number of points.


Remover allows you to randomly remove points or spline segments based on a percentage slider.

You can also adjust the random seed for variations on the same value.


Resample: This generator redistributes spline points based on two different options.

Length:  Defines the interval between the spline points.

Count: Defines an exact number of distributed points

Resample Count modes can be used to define the same the same number of points for two different spline objects, this will allow you to easily morph their shapes.


This generator splices your objects into multiple splines.

There are additional controls to define the axis along which the slices are created, plus paramters for pitch, bank and offset.

Spline Mesher

This generator converts any spline into a polygonal geometry based on different 3d shapes, such as circle, square, rope, and chain. More forms will be added in future versions.

Control for radius, rotation and subdivision. Fully compatible with the Topowire plugin