Redshift Toon & Iridescent Shader Pack for Cinema 4D

Fresh from the heart of Brooklyn, hand crafted shaders painstakingly constructed for Cinema 4D and Redshift.

Redshift Toon & Iridescent Shader Pack

Hand-crafted shaders fresh from the heart of Brooklyn. Fantastic for fluids, abstract motion graphics and VFX work. Utilising several exotic models of iridescence ranging from “physically correct” to “why would he do it that way” this shader pack has a bunch of neat magic tricks to dissect.

NB : Presented with commercial licence – available for use in any commercial project or renders.
NB : May NOT be resold as-is, or modified, or within, or integrated inside, a competing pack of shaders, textures, 3D models or materials.
NB : Shader ball courtesy of Rich Nosworthy and retains all rights.

  • 32 painstakingly constructed shaders for Redshift
  • 4 different methods to deconstruct
  • 1 FREE Redshift single-screen R20 layout
  • An evaluation of each shaders’ relative render speed
  • 25 Thumbnails of high quality
  • World Normals Utility shader range-remapped for many external apps
  • Workflow and Takes examples included
  • Bubbles example scene using per-particle displacement (requires X-Particles)

Compatible with all major versions of Redshift 2.5+ and Cinema 4D R18+