Corona Materials Library 01

An incredibly beautiful 150+ materials library for Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D.

Each and every material has been meticulously crafted to deliver highly detailed results and stunning renders.

StrangerObjects brings you SO MAT LIB 001 / Corona Materials Library 01, a material pack for Corona Renderer 3, a high-performance (un)biased photorealistic renderer delivering predictable, reliable and physically accurate results.

Corona Materials Library 01 is a high quality material library carefully designed for Corona Renderer 3 for Cinema 4D and contains more than 150+ materials, available directly at your finger tips.

150 High quality materials for Corona
Simple to use library
All textures included
Plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, translucents, leather, cloth, plaster and many more
Perfect balance between highest quality and render speed efficiency
Compatible with Cinema 4D R19+ and Corona Renderer 3+

Corona Materials Library

The SO MAT LIB 001 / Corona Materials Library 01 is a carefully assembled design and mograph material library, created by David Drayton (or to those who know him on Twitter @neosushi68) a self confessed Product Designer and CG Lover. David worked on StrangerObjects for almost two years, however, there was a time that David worked on the StrangerObjects renderings for a solid two months straight and considered it vitally important, for the visual diversity and quality, to ensure materials were not used over and over again. Therefore each render was composed with style in mind and utilisation, ensuring the materials were easy to use for further projects and reusable without any huge effort.

Even so, bearing all that in mind, David still wanted to get as funky with the Corona Render materials as he could and as funky as the system allowed him to.

Some materials are a collaboration with other designers. For example, this render was a collaboration with Katharina Bansah

Other materials were inspired by nature, organic shapes and their correlation with man made materials, but most material inspiration came by way of personal challenge. David challenged himself, challenged how far he could push the renderer and how far he could push Cinema 4D.

All of the materials are balanced between the highest possible visual quality and render speed efficiency. In David’s own words, “I’m a terribly impatient person and hate to wait on renders, so this is the result.”

Corona Materials Library