99Frames 2K15


99Frames is back for another year!

Rich Nosworthy (Design & Animation) & Sono Sanctus (Music and Sound Design) have put together a fantastic teaser to get your creativity flowing, kudos guys!

Join this Vimeo Group to participate in the project. It is open to anyone and the rules are simple.

#1 – Animation is exactly 99 frames at a speed of 30fps
#2 – Your video size is precisely 1280x720px
#3 – Be creative and don’t use the 99frames logo 🙂
#4 – Deliver on time. The Social Animation Project starts March 15 and will end July 1 2015

More 99 Frames on:
Twitter: @99frames
Tumblr: 99frames.tumblr.com


Author: Tim

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