learn. C4D Mograph Techniques

helloluxx are proud to announce a brand new collection of Cinema 4D training from Tim Clapham. The new series entitled learn C4D mograph techniques is full of pro tips and techniques for 3D motion design, animation and rendering.

learn. C4D Mograph Techniques is a collection of tutorials to help you master the Cinema 4D toolset. Work fast & efficiently with these production ready methods to improve your skillset in Cinema 4D.

Taught by expert C4D user, Tim Clapham, with over 20 years of experience, these are some of Tim’s go-to techniques, guaranteed to provide you with essential skills for your motion graphics projects.

Each set of training comes with an optional companion chapter for rendering with Redshift. We decided to offer the Redshift component as a separate add-on so non-Redshift users can still access the primary C4D training.

For Redshift users, these additional chapters run through the setup of lighting and materials for all projects.  Each chapter covers a different setup, so new users can learn the various nodes as they progress through the course.


learn C4D Mograph

Master the Cinema 4D toolkit with this excellent package of training. Learn in-depth skills for working with some of the top Cinema 4D features including the Mograph tools, OpenVDB, Xpresso, Dynamics, Deformers and many other key elements of this powerful application.

learn Cinema 4D


The collection currently contains three titles and the next chapter is already in the works with more to follow.  Whether you want to combine deformers and blend them into your cloner setup, control thousands of dynamic objects with splines or build Xpresso networks to add additional controls and streamline your Mograph rigs – this is for you.

Perfect for taking control of the deep Cinema 4D features, learn essential techniques and build the setups you need, for your projects.  Spend more time creating!

learn C4D Mograph

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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