WAKE is a new short from two very talented artists,Dan Braga and Julz Lane, both currently studying at Billy Blue College of Design here in Sydney. Dan & Jules recently collaborated to create this stunning piece for one of their class projects. They wanted to test their storytelling abilities, whilst also pushing their 3D skills to the limit.

The short tells the story of a patient’s journey as they wake from a coma. We see beautifully crafted shots, blending a combination of abstract metaphors of consciousness combined with visions of distant memories. The story unfolds slowly as memories become clear and the patient becomes lucid.

The work excels both aesthetically and technically, with each shot a wonderful composition of staging and lighting. Dan & Julz created the work using a combination of Maxon Cinema 4D, with SideFX Houdini for effects and Otoy Octane the renderer of choice, with compositing completed in Adobe After Effects.

I think the results speak for themselves, these two have a great future ahead of them. It is marvellous to see this calibre of work from such dedicated students, and we’re really proud to have Dan currently working with us an intern here at Luxx.

I see a very bright future for both of these incredibly talented artists.

They also put together a process reel so you can see some of the background to the work.

Author: Tim

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