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I love watching Animation. Visual Effects. Motion Graphics. Art. I know you do too.

This post is all about the process beyond the public window, the stuff we do. There’s a mix of motion graphics and visual effects, branding, commercials and feature film work, some from individuals up to huge facilities. There’s something for everyone.

To all you artists out there, you are very good, thank you for creating such beautiful work and sharing the development with us too.

p.s. If you know of any more worthy breakdown examples, please post them in the comments and I’ll add them to this post, the more the merrier!

Film4 / Selected Idents from ManvsMachine

COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey Visual Effects Making Of from BUF

DREADNOUGHT / E3 Teaser ( Making-Of ) from mostyle

Mothership process from Nejc Polovsak

Headphones Breakdown from Paul Clements

Airspace Breakdown from Rich Nosworthy

Kaptein Sabeltann og Skatten i Lama Rama – VFX breakdowns from Storm Studios

Pacific Rim – VFX Breakdown from Rodeo FX

Prometheus VFX breakdown from MPC

NICK IDs Breakdown from Plenty

Boardwalk Empire VFX Breakdowns of Season 1 from Brainstorm Digital

Boardwalk Empire VFX Breakdowns of Season 2 from Brainstorm Digital

Elysium – Trillions of Surfaces from WHISKYTREE

Game of Thrones, Season 4 – VFX breakdown from Rodeo FX

Honda Formas VFX breakdown from miopiafxdemos

John Carter VFX Breakdown from MPC

Final Destination 5 Breakdown from Prime Focus World

Mad Wolf – VFX Breakdown from Yohann PERCHOC

Money Supermarket, VFX Breakdown from MPC

Game of Thrones – BREAKDOWN from PEANUT

Fox Crime Breakdown from Plenty

47 Ronin VFX breakdown from MPC

MPC Kerry Mouse Breakdown from MPC Digital

VFX Breakdown: Hell on Wheels title sequence from Jeremy Cox (Imaginary Forces NYC)

VOLVIC “THE GIANT” – VFX BREAKDOWN from Digital Districtâ„¢ VFX Post-Pro

Paint Chips – BREAKDOWN from Kevin Couture (BUCK)

Main Road|Post “Stalingrad” VFX reel ‘ 2013 from Arman Yahin

(Thanks Manuel)

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  1. Manuel F. Rugeles
    Manuel F. Rugeles On November 13, 2014 at 12:09 AM

    Thanks Tim, Great Post! here is the stalingrad vfx breakdown.

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