Essential Materials for C4D

New material packs for both Octane and Redshift have landed on the site recently, definitely worth a look if you need top quality shaders for your projects.

Essential Materials for Cinema 4D

Whether you’re new to Redshift and keen to learn how nodes work or just require flexible and high quality presets for Octane or Redshift, we’ve got a solution for you.

learn. Redshift Essential Materials

A brand new Redshift collection for Cinema 4D created by helloluxx.

We are excited to bring to you a collection of 31 pre-build setups for Cinema 4D demonstrating Redshift’s most important and useful nodes,

learn. Redshift Essential Materials.

Unlike any other Redshift shader pack this set has been designed as a go-to for learning RS materials and also as a library of pre-built nodes to quickly access the most useful setups.

Each material contains notes on how to use it!

A super handy feature is that every material includes notes in the Xpresso node editor which explain how to work with each particular setup.  No more searching YouTube to remember how to wire-up a Falloff mask or render X-Particles Trails colours.  You’ve got this!

Not just materials, everything you need.

Another cool feature is that the set contains not only materials, we include the complete scene file required for that particular effect. For example if you need to render the Matrix Object and use the colour from your Fields, this requires not only the correct material nodes to read the colour attributes, but also the scene needs an RS Object Tag with the appropriate settings. These are all configured and ready to go.

There are a multitude of effects crammed into these materials, create dispersion, absorption and sub-surface effects, add wear and tear or dust to your models. Need to render Volumes, Hair, Splines, Particles, Mograph, Sprites, Wireframe? No problem!

For more information and to purchase learn. Redshift Essential Materials, please visit the product page here.

The Most Incredible Automotive Shaders

Render like never before with these gorgeous materials for Cinema 4D

We are so proud to be able to offer you these incredibly beautiful Automotive Shaders from Jesus Suarez. Crafted with excellence, these material packs offer exceptional detail.

These materials cover everything you need including the classic metalflake, multi-layered paint, carbon fibre, plastics and tyre materials.

I think these renders speak for themselves… gorgeous!

Available for both Redshift and Octane Renderer

Whether you’re a die hard Octane user or a Redshift newbie, we’ve got you covered. The Redshift set comes with 31 materials and Octane with 28, both collections use 2K and 4K textures.  The set comes as Cinema 4D Content Library and as separate scene files for which ever workflow you prefer.

To learn more and purchase this awesome set please click the appropriate link below.

—— Redshift Edition —– Octane Edition ——-

Mutating Materials for Cinema 4D + Redshift

Activate your mutant powers and create a myriad of  materials with varying levels of decay or patterning. These collections of Wood, Bricks, Metal and Stone are the most comprehensive packs of materials for Cinema 4D + Redshift available on the planet. Every texture is 4k, seamless, and PBR based.

What makes this product unique?

The premise of this product is to take one type of material and then have mutations of it in various forms of decay and wearing. This means you can easily iterate. If you don’t like a look you can easily select the next option to add more weathering and decay. It’s incredibly versatile!