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Cinema 4D 7 September 2014

Siggraph 2014 Cinema 4D Presentations

Maxon have uploaded the Siggraph 2014 Cinema 4D Presentations to Vimeo and they’re most definitely worth checking out as there were some incredibly talented artists offering a wealth of knowledge.

Cinema 4D 7 March 2014

Paste As … Scripts for Cinema 4D

These scripts for Cinema 4D we are about to discuss are so useful, once you start using them you will never know how you lived without them, well ok, perhaps not life in general

Resource 7 May 2010

Reference Tables for Subdivision Surfaces

This forum post was brought to my attention by a tweet from @sketchbookinc, it is a really handy illustration of polygons, stepping and moving poles. For those of you that are fairly proficient at modelling, then this is a handy reminder.