Voronoi Fracture Download

Download these examples of different source objects and the effects they have to the Voronoi Fracture object.  Some really fun results!
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Here is a run down of each file.

Checkerboard Shader

Using an animated checkerboard shader as the Voronoi Source.

Circle Spline

This time, the source for the fracture is a Circle Spline, add to this a vibrate tag and some dynamics.


Cloned Splines

Similar to the Circle Spline example, this uses a Rectangle Spline which is cloned and used as the source. Dynamics and random rotation add the motion.


Random Linear Spline

Use a simple linear spline as the source for fracturing and then randomise the position of the spline vertices along one axis.


Matrix Object

Distribute source points along a spline using the Matrix Object and then animate the rate and variation.


Use a particle emitter and animate the particle visibility to increase and decrease the fracturing.