Noise and Volumetric Lights with Redshift


Create these beautiful effects with volumetric lighting

This quick tip demonstrates a very simple method of using 3D Noise with Volume lighting in Redshift renderer. Tim uses the Maxon Noise and shows how easy it is to create a variety of effects.

Volume lighting can be extremely useful for atmospheric effects and the addition of noise breaks up the uniformity and feels more natural. This technique can be used for creating all sorts visual treats to enhance your renders, from atmospheric fog and mist through to plasma and nebulae type of effects..

The noise can be animated and is also loopable, plus it is generated in 3D space which means you can literally fly your camera straight through it for out of this world results.

The process is slightly different between DCCs, but should be possible in any application that supports Redshift Volume Lighting. I made a quick tip for both Cinema 4D and Houdini, as they’re my main 3D apps of choice.

Cinema 4D Version


Houdini Version