Looping Cloth in Cinema 4D Part 1


In this quick tip learn a simple method for looping cloth simulations in Cinema 4D

This trick is actually quite simple, the loop is created by first caching the simulation. Then you can offset one simulation to start at a later frame, this allows you to essentially blend between two copies of the same cache and return to the starting frame.  This technique is really flexible as you can easily adjust the offset to make the loop the exact duration you need.

We start by creating some type and adjusting the topology so we have a nice even mesh. Global gravity is disabled and the Turbulence Force is added. To hold the type in place, use the Mix Animation, Pin feature in the Cloth Tag, by using low values, the contraints are quite loose allowing the cloth to move with the turbulence, but also remain more or less in position.

That’s the sim done, next export the object as an animated Alembic. It would be nice to use a native external cache, but currently there is no external caching which is why I chose Alembic. Once the caching is complete you can disable the cloth and turbulence. Choose Merge Objects from the Object Manager File menu and import the Alembic you just created.

Now, duplicate the Alembic and offset the cache timing. The final part of the loop involves adding a Pose Morph Tag to the geometry and then using the two Alembic objects as Absolute references in the Pose Morph. Once this is done, you can simply animate the Pose so that the end of your sequence is the same pose as the start.

Loop done.