Binary Grid with X-Particles

Build a grid of binary digits using X-Particles in Cinema 4D.

Here’s a quick x-particles tutorial to inspire you, it is a bit cheesy in that late 90’s Matrix kind of way but will hopefully motivate you to take this idea to another level.

The principle is simple, we clone a bunch of cubes into an array and then use these to emit our particles. Due to the geometric nature of the cube we get a nice grid of particles flowing across our screen, add in a few 1’s and 0’s and we have created ourselves a binary grid with x-particles.

You can also  achieve this without using the Cloner for emission, X-Particles has an option to create particles in various shapes and arrays.  Switch to the Object Tab, and under the Emitter Quicktab, look for Emitter Shape and change this to Defined Emission.  You can then define the shape and the count in a similar way to using the native Cloner Object.

x-particles grid