5 Free Redshift Lighting Presets

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We recently released some new training aimed specifically at mastering the art of CG lighting.

learn. Pro Lighting is an in-depth course on lighting with Redshift in Cinema 4D. As you work through the tutorials you will create 15 lighting setups over 5 scene files.

All the scenes, models and textures are included ready to light, plus they are free for you to use in any of your own projects. We also include the fully completed lighting setups, so you can jump in and explore the final results immediately.

Redshift Lighting

As part of our learn. Pro Lighting training, there is an additional bonus download of twenty Redshift lighting presets ready for use. Click the image below to see a large preview of all the presets.

We are offering five of these presets for you to download for free. They are built in Cinema 4D R20 using regular Redshift lights, it’s simple to adapt them to your own scenes or use them as a starting point for experimentation. Plus you get a concrete and a wood Redshift material included too.


learn. Pro Lighting with Cinema 4D and Redshift

Follow along as Tim Clapham takes you on a journey through light & colour
learn fundamental lighting principals with Cinema 4D and Redshift