Custom F-Curves in Houdini

Create your own custom f-curve interpolation model in Houdini using expressions with this advanced tutorial from Adam Swaab

One seemingly hidden feature in Houdini is the power to attach expressions to time segments between keyframes. In this tutorial, Adam will show you how to harness this feature to create your own custom interpolation model. We are going to make our own full-featured overshoot f-curve, which will read the incoming channel velocity and create an oscillating motion that exponentially decreases until it arrives at the exiting keyframe value.

This tutorial is intermediate to advanced level, with most of it being done in python. Later, Adam shows how convert the code to HScript.

Training Summary
Create custom f-curves using expressions
Primarily Python and also HScript conversion
Intermediate – Advanced level
Houdini 17.5+
Running time 37 minutes

Coding experience and familiarity with Houdini is assumed.