Mastering Cinema 4D in Xpresso from helloluxx

learn. Xpresso ‘Write-On’ in Cinema 4D

learn. Xpresso ‘Write-On’ in Cinema 4D
exclusively from helloluxx by Ilir Beqiri

learn. how to use Xpresso and other native Cinema 4D tools to create this ‘write-on’ effect and take advantage of the great array of tools Cinema 4D offers to work with splines which, in many ways, surpass the abilities of Illustrator in simplicity and ease of use.

Although Mograph is thought to be the back bone of C4D, and Ilir thinks it really is great, he strongly believes that Xpresso is a hidden gem because it not only lets you create simple and complicated expressions, but can also be used to create other tools that will enhance your work in 3D.

Dive deep into Xpresso, this powerful part of Cinema 4D and use it to accurately position points in space, create a simple spline trimming tool and a custom renaming tool, link objects automatically through a hierarchy and also animate whole hierarchy attributes in a custom sequential order.

The principles learned throughout these tutorials are applicable to many other projects in your day to day work and is divided into 10 chapters.

Duration: 2 hours
Language: English

Mastering C4D Xpresso / ch.01 : introduction

chapter 01 - introduction

Presentation and an overview of the project and tools used in it.

learn. Xpresso Write-On

Mastering C4D Xpresso / ch.02 : animate & manipulate

chapter 02 - animate / manipulate

Make use of the Cinema 4D Text tool to create the text we are going to animate and convert to splines. Manipulate the splines and split apart each letter into segments.

learn. Xpresso Write-On

Mastering C4D Xpresso / ch.03 : splines splines splines ...

chapter 03 - splines splines splines ...

For each letter, prepare a separate spine spline (this spline lays along the middle of each section for every letter and will later be used to drive a Spline Wrap modifier). Make use of Xpresso to accurately position points of a given spline between 2 other splines. This is also a chance to see an array of Cinema 4D spline tools in action.

learn. Xpresso Write-On

Mastering C4D Xpresso / ch.04 : palettes, shortcuts & hierarchies

chapter 04 - palettes, shortcuts & hierarchies

Use custom tool palettes and shortcuts to drastically speed up the process of creating a high number of objects in hierarchies. With some pre-planning and some cool tricks you can reduce the number of clicks required to a minimum.

learn. Xpresso Write-On

Mastering C4D Xpresso / ch.05 : xpresso

chapter 05 - xpresso

This chapter is mainly focused on Xpresso. This time we’ll use it to rename the hierarchies of objects we created. Renaming is very important in 3D, especially when you have a large number of objects. Cinema 4D comes with a built-in renaming tool, which is great, but it’s not very flexible in our case. That’s why, we’re building an Xpresso setup and using it as a custom renaming tool.

learn. Xpresso Write-On

Mastering C4D Xpresso / ch.06 : more xpresso

chapter 06 - more xpresso

Based on the principles learned in the previous chapter, we’ll use Xpresso again to feed an array of spline objects into the link field of an array of Spline Wrap modifiers, both of which are part of a larger hierarchy.

learn. Xpresso Write-On

Mastering C4D Xpresso / ch.07 : even more xpresso

chapter 07 - even more xpresso

Another chapter dedicated to Xpresso. This time we’ll make use of it to create a tool that will help us trim the ends of a spline. This chapter explains the principle.

learn. Xpresso Write-On

Mastering C4D Xpresso / ch.08 : spline wrap modifiers

chapter 08 - spline wrap modifiers

We’ll use the custom trimming tool, created earlier, to further edit the spine splines that drive the Spline Wrap modifiers.

learn. Xpresso Write-On

Mastering C4D Xpresso / ch.09 : sequential attribute animation

chapter 09 - sequential attribute animation

Learn the principles of sequential attribute animation using Xpresso. This way you can animate any attribute in a hierarchy of objects. Improve the setup further to facilitate the animation process and make it work with any hierarchy, on any attribute.

learn. Xpresso Write-On

Mastering C4D Xpresso / ch.10 : animation automation

chapter 10 - animation automation

Apply the setup created earlier to our project and add other functionalities to automate the animation (no keyframes used).

learn. Xpresso Write-On