Birth Walkthrough in Cinema 4D, X-Particles & Houdini


Walk through this beautiful project with the legendary Twistedpoly

This is an opportunity to see inside the mind of one of the industries’ leading motion designers. Nejc Polovsak more commonly known as Twistedpoly. A master of his craft who creates stunning work for the worlds premium studios.

Nejc explains some of his creative and technical challenges,
along with a breakdown of every shot.

A series of 15 explainer videos that add up to almost 2.5hrs of content, of how Nejc put together his short film Birth.

Nejc explains the initial and creative process behind the film. He then goes through all of the shots in the film and gives you an overview of how they were made, along with some of his thinking behind it.

Mostly completed in Cinema 4D with X-Particles, Redshift render and a little bit of Houdini. There’s also a comp / edit overview which was done in After Effects.

Focus is mostly on the structure of shots and there’s no detail on materials or rendering. At least some level of Cinema 4D knowledge is required to be able to follow through.

Please note: This is NOT a step by step tutorial, but an overview of how things were made.

Watch the process video below

Twistedpoly is a collection of work of Nejc Polovsak.

* ”Nejc” is pronounced exactly the same as “Nate’s” sounds in English.

Nejc is a digital artist. With over 10 years of experience in the field, he’s working worldwide, with brands, agencies and studios.
Based in beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia and working globally, he’s mostly working in a field of bringing high-end stylized abstraction to products and brands, always in search for something fresh. He takes on concepts, design frames, animation and can creatively or technically lead small to mid sized projects.