3D Design Workshop: C4D, Redshift & Resolve


Acclaimed Artist Vincent Schwenk explains his complete pipeline,
creative processes, working in Cinema 4D with Redshift
and compositing with DaVinci Resolve

This course is designed to show you how Vincent works and develops creative projects. It contains 9 sections, each lasting approximately 30 minutes and will give you a comprehensive overview of the techniques he uses.

We’ll start with an introduction and some creative process ideas, after that we looking at some fun exercises in Cinema 4D and Redshift, then move on to real-life projects such as a job for Microsoft. After that we’ll look into editing, basic tools which can help with creativity and your workflow.

Watch the teaser below!

By taking this course, you’ll learn how to create interesting visuals using Cinema 4D & Redshift while also developing your knowledge of other areas related to digital artistry such as workflow optimization or storytelling techniques.

Some experience in 3D is required, even though the tutorials are not too complicated.

Course Overview

Video 01 - Length 24min

In this intro chapter we explore the design process and look at how to set-up Cinema 4D to save some time.

Video 02 - Length 14min

This chapter looks at inspirations, working with compositions and wrapping up objects.

Video 03 - Length 40min

Recreating the Stone Hover animation.

Video 04 - Length 13min

Creating swirling ropes

Video 05 - Length 43min

Exploring textures with Redshift

Video 06 - Length 32min

Behind the scene of “Legacy waste” and creating spheres in foil.

Video 07 - Length 40min

Behind the scenes of the Microsoft project
and animating some jumping cubes.

Video 08 - Length 18min

Behind the scenes of the Microsoft project
and setting up Render settings for Redshift

Video 09 - Length 12min

Working with ACES in Davinci Resolve


All videos are created by Vincent Schwenk.
You are not allowed to redistribute or sell the materials. Copyright 2023