Utility Splines Collection for Cinema 4D


Rocket Lasso’s new Utility Splines Collection is a powerful suite of 5 plugins designed to seamlessly improve your spline workflow.


New possibilities for parametric modeling, FUI elements, and creativity in Cinema 4D.

Introducing the new RKT Utility Splines Collection, a powerful suite of 5 plugins that transforms the way you work with splines in Cinema 4D.

With this collection, you can now effortlessly smooth out rough lines, control the number of points in your splines, reduce the point count to a minimum, remove overlapping points and redundant points, and convert unruly splines into clean, smooth Bezier curves. This suite of tools has everything you need to achieve precise results in your spline workflow.

Transforms the way you work with splines!

With RKT Utility Splines, you can speed up your projects, simulations, and render times. You can also easily control point placement and count, which helps you smooth out messy simulations, fonts, and imported files.

This collection opens up new parametric modeling techniques, allowing you to create unique FUI elements and offers even more creative possibilities in Cinema 4D.


Effortlessly smooth out any spline, softening harsh edges and creating fluid curves from the messiest input.


Choose from 4 different algorithms to eliminate points that don’t contribute to your final result.


Parametrically control the number of points in your spline using Step, Random Step, Count, Random Count, and Subdivide, perfect for rope simulations and so much more.

Clean Up

Remove overlapping points, redundant points, and any segments so small that they’re not visible.

Smart Bezier

Convert unruly splines into clean, smooth lines for greater flexibility and control over Bezier handles. This plugin is the opposite of baking down a spline!

Random Resample

Extra modes enable more advanced effects. Automatically animate a jittering Random Resample.

Smooth & Counterscale

Maintain your overall shape by counter-scaling as messy edges are cleaned up.

Smooth then Reduce

Add extra detail to rigid splines easily with RKT Smooth, then optimize with RKT Reduction!


Detailed walk-throughs of all the features of Utility Splines