Surface Imperfection Pack / 50 x 4K Textures


Improve your renders and grunge up your textures with this 4K imperfection collection.

Improve your render realism with subtle layers of dust, dirt, hair and smudges

This collection contains fifty tileable 4K textures which are all created from high quality photographs for extreme realism. The textures range from very clean (with just a few hairs), to super used, dirty and busy. These textures will take your renders to the next level of realism.

Each set has a roughness and normal map, plus there is an additional diffuse map, plus previews of all the textures. The imperfection pack will work with any modern render engine, such as Redshift, Arnold, Octane, Vray, Corona, Karma, etc.

Works with any modern renderer or use as grunge maps in comp!

Includes preview renders for each set of textures

100% Real, No Procedural Textures included.

Includes Cinema 4D / Redshift Setup

The pack also includes a 13min long tutorial how to set up everything in C4D and Redshift. (easy to adapt for Octane). Plus the C4D file with a ready to go setup, everything in there is set up.


The material pack is free to use in all your personal or commercial projects without restriction. However, redistributing or reselling the pack is off-limits. (Copyright 2021)