Looping Texture Pack from helloluxx by Lindsay Horner

Rough Enough : Looping Texture Pack


The Rough Enough Looping Texture Pack contains handmade, A3-sized, looping textures to help you create grungy, distressed styles, quickly and easily.

Whether it’s a cel animation look, live-action video, or a stop-motion deal, the Rough Enough Looping Texture Pack has got you covered.

The pack is perfect for typography, subtle background textures or layered-up texture-fests!

The title includes:
Contains 12 looping textures at both HD and 4K (UHD) Resolution (3840 X 2160).
High Bitrate 80Mbps (4K) and 50Mbps (HD) MP4’s.
Clips are supplied as 5 second loops on ‘twos’ – ie. 12fps.
Also included are 12 TIFF stills for print and web use.

Roughen up your Mograph with handmade, A3 sized looping textures!