HDRIs : Film Science / Weathered Farmhouse

33 Production Quality HDRIs in 8K & 16K, with 1-Click C4D Libraries for Octane, Redshift & Cinema 4D

The pack comes with 33 production ready HDR images at both 8K and 16K. Superb high quality files with tone mapped JPEGs included for backplates. The HDRIs are supplied in multiple formats, quite unique to this product and designed to make your life easier.

Included is a set of Cinema 4D library files to work with the native Physical Render, Redshift and Octane. There is also a set pre-confirgured for GSG HDRI Link if you use that in your workflow. If you only want the HDRI files themselves, they’re included at both 8 and 16k resolutions.

33 Awesome HDRIs
Cinema 4D libraries for Octane, Redshift, & Physical
An HDRI package for GSG HDRI Link
C4D texture-only library for use in all third-party renderers
Zipped folder with images and thumbnails
Tone-mapped JPGs of every HDRI
Separate folder of 16K HDRIs