100 Redshift Shaders for C4D / 01


100 Art & Design Redshift Materials for Cinema 4D, ready to drag and drop!

A very creative material collection created with Redshift for Cinema 4D by the incredibly talented Vincent Schwenk.  The pack includes ready-to-use shader setups compatible with both the older C4D Xpresso system and the new Node Material system.

Compatible with Xpresso or Material Nodes

Includes two versions of this shader pack to cater to different workflows:

  • Xpresso System Version: Ideal for those who are more comfortable with Cinema 4D’s traditional setup.
  • Node System Version: For those looking to leverage the capabilities of Cinema 4D’s latest node system.

Diverse Applications

Whether you’re working on animations, visualizations, or any other 3D project, these shaders are versatile enough to fit a wide array of creative needs. The main focus for this pack is abstract, arty, small noise and interesting patterns, but there are some Metal and Organic materials included as well.

Tutorial Included

Comes with a free tutorial which demonstrates how to use the shader pack, this may be created using alternative materials, but the principle is the same for all of these materials and this will teach you the basics if you are unsure of how to build an RS material and use it in your C4D scene.


The material pack is free to use in all your personal or commercial projects without restriction. However, redistributing or reselling the pack is off-limits. (Copyright 2023