New Year … New Site!

We’ve got a new site and we are EXCITED!
omg! OMG! O M G !
gimme gimme GIMME … OMG!

Here is a picture of the new site, on the new site.  Get it?!


Ain’t it pretty?!  We think so.

We have been waiting for this day for so very long and are super excited to finally share our new and improved website with you!

  • A completely new helloluxx shopping experience to find the product you’re after, faster.
  • We removed all of the outdated products, replaced them with a collection of new titles and created fabulous new bundles because we understand, it’s not what you spend it’s what you $ave!
  • Plus, with our new customer account area; managing your orders, invoices and your forever downloads, directly from your account page, has never been easier!

new site


We were feeling nolstagic so we decided to bring some news from the old site, didn’t want to say goodbye to all that history! We did trim out the fat a little to keep them lean but how could we part with my first ever blog post from way back in 2008!? Poor old Flash Player has even retired since then!



helloluxx has been giving to the CG community before there even was a helloluxx.  I have been creating free training content for almost multiple decades now so it seemed a shame to simply bin all those years of freebies.  There are some new free tutorials because that is what we do, but as we started looking at transferring the free tutorials from the old site to the new, we decided on a shiny new plan for a shiny new site … If the tut is too old, we will replace it with either a newer and better way to approach the problem (like this example for creating random colours with mograph) or we will create something new (like this Houdini quicktip).  At it’s core, where possible, we are upgrading the original content, by updating it to current release.  If the tutorial is still relevant and useful, it will be updated and added back soon.


learn C4D Mograph Techniques