Houdini In Bloom – Now available!

Learn from master craftsman Rich Nosworthy and take your Houdini skills to the next level. In this much anticipated course, you will create an intricate and detailed flowering setup using Houdini and rendering with Redshift. This new training is available now!

Houdini Rich Nosworthy

Did I say available now?  Yes I did!

Our brand new training for Houdini, from the wonderful Rich Nosworthy, is now available! If you want to dive into those nodes as soon as possible, you can buy the training here.

If you’re interested in learning some high end Houdini magic and want to know more, then take a look at the teaser below.

With over 8 hours of training, this course covers modelling, animation, instanced geometry and alignment, VEX programming, Proxies for efficient workflow, and full lighting, camera, shaders and rendering all within Redshift Renderer.

This covers a huge amount of Houdini knowledge all within SOPS!

While this isn’t a complete beginners course, there’s a range of topics that hopefully should provide insight for everyone. For more information please visit the product page here.