binary grid

Binary Grid with X-Particles

I cannot get enough of X-Particles for Cinema 4D, this particle system is so much fun! Here’s another quick tutorial to inspire you, it is a bit cheesy in that late 90′s Matrix kind of way but will hopefully motivate you to take this idea to another level. The principle is simple, we clone a…

CameraTracker - Aligning to features

CameraTracker – aligning to features

Hey everybody. So I’ve made a new FREE tutorial for NUKE, to help out ‘Urban Legends’, who sent me a message on Vimeo. Hopefully more of you will find this helpful. When you select CameraTracker features, switch to 3d view, they will become yellow. But if you set them to be the ground plane, they…

waxy shader

Waxy Shader in Cinema 4D

  This is a quick tutorial which covers the creation of the waxy shader in Cinema 4D I used in an older tutorial — metaball typography — it’s a kind of fleshy waxy sub-surface scattering looking thing. Enjoy!

Relative Xpresso

Relative linking with Xpresso in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial I show you a simple technique which will allow you to attach an object to the top of an animated Extrude with Xpresso in Cinema 4D. Although this is probably quite a simple process for a lot of users I wanted to explore the flexibility that is offered when you use relative…


Springy Motion in Cinema 4D

Someone on FXPHD recently asked me if there was a way to add some springiness to their Cinema 4D animation, you know the kind where an object overshoots it’s keyframed position (or any animated parameter). It can be overused, but if applied with some subtlety, it can offer a wonderful secondary motion which can really…


Building a Conveyor with Cinema4D Dynamics

Here’s a quick tutorial that will show you how you can use Dynamics in Cinema4D to build a simple conveyor to move objects along. In this example I simply create a curve for my cylinders, but there is no reason why you cannot create much more elaborate shapes. The setup consists of a Dynamic Cylinder…

Orbit Cam

Cinema4D – Orbit Camera Preset

In July we will be launching a new site for helloluxx and throughout June we are offering various goodies for you to download.  This Orbit Camera Rig is something I use regularly when a specific shot calls for this type of motion. The camera rig is a really handy little setup with which you can…

Atom Array with Cloner

Recreate the Atom Array with a Cloner

I take a few classes at FXPHD and one question I had today was about using the Cinema4D Atom Array and how to have individual control over the spheres. I rebuilt the Atom Array using a couple of Cloner Objects. The first Cloner adds a Sphere to each Vertex of the object I’m cloning onto….


Building a Deformer Controller with Xpresso

In this tutorial, Tim Clapham takes you through the process of building a controller for a deformer object. In this example we take a null object and then use the position values to drive the strength of a bend deformer with a basic Xpresso setup. Once this simple example is complete, the setup is enhanced…


Exploring the Cinema4D Attribute Manager

Here’s a new tutorial for all you Cinema4D users out there.  Hopefully some tips and tricks that will help improve your workflow. The humble Attribute Manager is one element of the C4D user interface that we use constantly and it has many features that may or may not be known to you.  In this tutorial…