Press Release | 14 03 13 | helloluxx release Houdini Jumpstart Training

By Fleur Clapham March 13th, 2014


helloluxx release Houdini Jumpstart Training

March 13th, 2014 Sydney, Australia

helloluxx now offer Houdini Training to compliment their traditionally C4D based portfolio.  In this Volume 1 offering (Houdini Jumpstart: Intro to Procedural Modelling) Adam Swaab delivers a tutorial that explores the procedural nature of Houdini, showing how one model of a chair can easily be turned into thousands of unique models with just a few button clicks.  This tutorial series is beginner level and assumes no prior knowledge of Houdini.

About Adam Swaab

Adam Swaab is a Director and VFX artist based in Los Angeles.  His work spans the mediums of film, television, and web.  He is currently a Creative Director at Wolf & Crow.

About helloluxx

helloluxx is a boutique collection of creative professionals from around the globe; each one dedicated, through comprehensive training, to sharing experience and knowledge for the visual effects and motion graphics community – Artist to Artist

let’s learn.

Fleur Clapham – General Manager


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