Modelling Containment and Cinema 4D Scene Optimising

Cinema 4D Scene Optimising

This is the first of a series of tutorials created by the very talented Glen Johnson. In this tutorial Glen focuses on Modeling Containment and Cinema 4D Scene Optimising.

Glen works for Maxon as an in-house 3D artist and he is a consultant on rendering and modelling tools for Cinema 4D. You only need to see some of his work and you can see that he has extremely good modelling skills. Head on over to Glen’s Behance page to see more of his amazing renders.

Glen Johnson

Glen has been creating some Cinema 4D modelling tutorials recently and he offers some great advice and techniques for those of you that are keen to polish up on your modelling. We approached Glen to ask if we could post his tutorials on helloluxx and he said yes. To date, Glen has made six tutorials and they are all full of useful tips. Why not post a few comments on Glen’s YouTube channel and offer some encouragement, hopefully that will inspire him to share even more of his knowledge.

Huge thank you to Glen for making these tutorials and allowing us to post them on helloluxx.

Here is the first installment where Glen talks about modeling containment and Cinema 4D Scene optimising.

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