FREE C4D Tutorial : Baking Tracers and Hair to PLA


Ilir Beqiri has released another of his signature style, ‘silent’ tutorials and because helloluxx always love the content Ilir produces, we are spreading his knowledge.


Baking Tracers and Hair to PLA from Ilir Beqiri

Trace Object is a great tool in the Cinema 4D arsenal to generate trails from animated objects or points. However, unlike other Mograph generators, this one doesn’t have any option to cache the animated splines it generates.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to further manipulate these splines, to add deformers to them like any other geometry?!

The problem with Trace Object is that it continually simulates, giving you no option to jump forwards and backwards in time, limitting you to tweak settings. Well, I’ve discovered a method to do just that, bake the splines from the Trace Object into Point Level Animation. The method even bakes hair splines into PLA.

The Hair module can generate splines but until now, I’ve not been able to change their default type, which I think is Cubic. The method described in this video generates animated splines of any type and interpolation. Feel free to comment or ask questions and if you like the video, don’t hesitate to share the knowledge!

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FREE C4D Tutorial : Baking Tracers and Hair to PLA


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