X-Particles Wind Twister Tutorial

X-Particles Wind Twister

X-Particles Wind Twister Tutorial

This is a great tutorial for creating an X-Particles Wind Twister from Mario Tran Phuc from Insydium. Mario is a super talented guy and this tutorial shows his skills at work in X-Particles. The twister is created using the xpWind modifier and then Mario takes you through various styles, starting with a little snow tornado, followed by a twisting school of fish and finally a liquid twister.

Twister Render

If you use X-Particles then this is a must watch! If you don’t use X-Particles, then you should! This is, hands down, the best particle system available for Cinema 4D and you can get it here. If you are interested in more tutorials for X-Particles then our learn x-particles training might be for you?

Here’s the tutorial, enjoy. Thank you Mario!

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