C4D R18 Voronoi Fracture Download

Voronoi Fracture!

Cinema 4D R18 has hit the streets. It is a really great release and Maxon have given us a great selection of new features. One of the top features is the MoGraph Voronoi Fracture object. The integration is superb and it is so much fun to play with. I’ve uploaded a few files which are really simple examples of the various ways you can supply source points to the generator. Hope you find them useful?


Here’s a quick run down of each fileā€¦

Voronoi Fracture Checker

Checkerboard Shader

Using an animated checkerboard shader as the Voronoi Source.

Voronoi Fracture Circle

Circle Spline

This time, the source for the fracture is a Circle Spline, add to this a vibrate tag and some dynamics.

Voronoi Fracture Cloner

Cloned Splines

Similar to the Circle Spline example, this uses a Rectangle Spline which is cloned and used as the source. Dynamics and random rotation add the motion.

Voronoi Fracture Line

Random Linear Spline

Use a simple linear spline as the source for fracturing and then randomise the position of the spline vertices along one axis.

Voronoi Fracture Matrix

Matrix Object

Distribute source points along a spline using the Matrix Object and then animate the rate and variation.

Voronoi Fracture Particles


Use a particle emitter and animate the particle visibility to increase and decrease the fracturing.


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