Zabiegly Updates Shots of Xpresso

Matthias Zabiegly, lead 3D artist at Aixsponza, has recently updated his Shots of Xpresso webpage.

This page is a great resource for all you Cinema 4D Xpresso junkies, Matthias has some excellent Xpresso setups and he also includes a PDF as part of the download. The PDF offers a detailed explanation of exactly how he built the Xpresso, so if you’ve no idea how Matthias built the scene, the PDF help you learn the ins and outs of Xpresso and how to master those nodes.

putonweight Xpresso

putOnWeight – Vertex Map Toolkit

From Matthias…

Inspired by the IBC ’14 presentation of Simon Holmedal I recreated some of his setups in this xpresso example. What you get is a toolset for working with vertex maps.

Visit Matthias’ website here to download ‘putOnWeight’ and many other useful setups.  Thanks Matthias!

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