Demystifying Cinema 4D Mograph Shaders Part I

Mograph Shaders Part 1

This is the first of three tutorials which cover the Mograph Shaders. I have had these tutorials recorded for a while and they were originally going to be part of a new training series for Mograph, but I decided to post them online for free instead. I have worked with many people and held a lot of training courses over the years and the Cinema 4D Mograph Shaders are often a mystery to a lot of users.

I hope these three tutorials help to demystify these shaders. They are extremely powerful and offer a great workflow allowing you to create complex and varied materials in your scene using the minimum number of materials. This is efficient in many ways that will help to speed up your workflow, give you more time and power to experiment when creating with Cinema 4D.

In this first example, I show you the basic principles behind the Mograph Color Shader, demonstrating how you can use this with regular non-mograph objects. I then expand upon this to explore the flexibility of this shader and how you can use it in any channel of your material to create variation in your renders with minimal effort whilst maintining an optimal workflow.

Download the Cinema 4D scene file to follow along here.

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