XP Xmas Advent

X-Particles * FREE SCENE FILES *

It’s the festive time of year once again, and here at helloluxx, we thought we’d share some XP Xmas Advent gifts with all you Cinema 4D users out there. Each day of December until the 24th, we offer you a free X-Particles scene file. It’s going to feel like Christmas everyday! Well, perhaps not, but…

learn. X-Particles 3 from helloluxx

learn. X-Particles 3 – AVAILABLE NOW!

It’s here! Head on over to learn. X-Particles 3 to check out Tim Clapham’s latest edition to the learn. catalogue and grab it while it is still on sale. Launch discount ends on August 15th. learn. X-Particles 3 – AVAILABLE NOW  

X-Particles 3 from helloluxx

X-Particles 3 Upgrade : Locked to Floating

  X-Particles 3 continues to generate buzz, have you bought your copy yet? Perhaps you bought a locked licence and have been wishing you bought the floating licence instead so you could seamlessly switch from working on your desktop to your laptop? Wish no more! helloluxx are now able to offer you an upgrade from…

X-Particles Challenge

X-Particles Challenge 2015

Whether you are new to x-particles or a veteran user, the X-Particles Challenge 2015 could be a great opportunity for you to show your skills and learn some new tricks. The X-Particles Challenge is a competition which has been organised by Andy Needham. The challenge is to use your favourite feature of X-Particles to create…

xpVolumeEmit Featured

X-Particles 3 xpVolumeEmit

This tutorial shows you some techniques for working with the X-Particles 3 xpVolumeEmit object in Cinema 4D. One of the new objects with X-Particles 3 is xpVolumeEmit. The concept behind this object is simple, you use the volume of an object to control when particles are emitted. Basic usage is as simple as specifying the…

Simulating Soft Bodies with X-Particles 3 in Cinema 4D

  Simulating Soft Bodies with X-Particles 3 in Cinema 4D X-Particles is such a versatile tool. Although not designed specifically to deal with cloth and soft body simulations, XP3 does a good job with minimal setup. Add the X-Particles xpConstraints object – which will tie your particles together – then combine this with the xpDeformer…

X-Particles 3 from helloluxx

X-Particles 3 Discount : 11 Hours Left!

  In 11 hours time, X-Particles 3 will no longer be on sale at helloluxx so if you have not already grabbed your new licence or upgrade, NOW is the time to do it! X-Particles 3 Upgrade (like for like) – $186 X-Particles 3 New Licence (locked) – $422 X-Particles 3 Floating Licence (unlocked) –…