Diffusion 4 from helloluxx


Diffusion 4 : Premium VRAYforC4D Materials from Muse Creative   A new age in CG materials … the contents of Diffusion 4 is comprised of 40 image-based materials, each a staggering 6K resolution! Check out the product page for a glimpse of how stunning these materials really are.  

NEW PRODUCT : Premium VRAYforC4D Materials : DIFFUSION 3

helloluxx are proud to present a new age in CG materials – DIFFUSION 3 – a collection of 40 premium VRAYforC4D materials from Muse Creative. These image-based materials will enhance your every render and at a staggering 6K resolution (6144 x 6144px) for every material, as well as a wide range of architectural surfaces, this…

VRAYforC4D Tutorial - Industrial Style Room Visualisation

New Tutorial – VRAYforC4D

    VRAYforC4D Tutorial – Industrial Style Room Visualisation   Learn how to render an industrial style room – from scratch – using VRAYforC4D in 6+ hours of tutorials from Mograph Plus. The course covers lighting, material and shader development as well as rendering and post production. To see the full product description, please visit…