Falloff Sampler Shader

Free Falloff Sampler Shader from Curious Animal

Falloff Sampler Shader Falloff Sampler Shader uses Cinema 4D’s Mograph Effector falloffs to create greyscale values for your object’s surface. This is handy for layering shader effects based on your falloffs, or just to use the falloff’s gizmo as a visual guide to help position your gradients. This is a bonus plugin – it’s free…

Simon Holmedal’s Cinema 4D Presentation from IBC 2014

You will certainly pick up some expert tips in Simon Holmedal’s presentation from IBC 2014.  Simon currently works for Man vs Machine in the UK and he is very talented both technically and creatively. In this presentation he shares a whole bunch of cool techniques which have been developed on real world production projects using…

Cinema 4D Tutorial - Waxy Shader

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Waxy Shader

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Waxy Shader This is a quick tutorial which covers the creation of the waxy shader in Cinema 4D I used in an older tutorial — metaball typography — it’s a kind of fleshy waxy sub-surface scattering looking thing. Enjoy! Cinema 4D Tutorial – Waxy Shader

Cinema 4D Tutorial - Reflection Falloff

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Reflection Falloff?

There was a question over at The Motion Exchange about how to create a falloff type effect with reflections in Cinema4D. Well there are a few methods to achieve this, some are more accurate than others, but because of this, they are a little more costly with render times. The first and perhaps the most…