Making It Look Great 7 – Now Available

For more information and to purchase this comprehensive collection of Cinema4D tutorials please visit Motionworks Here is the final teaser for Making It Look Great 7 – MoGraph Unleashed. Making It Look Great 7 – Flourish from Tim Clapham on Vimeo.

3D World

The new 3D World magazine is on sale from today in the UK. I was offered the exciting opportunity of creating the cover artwork and a twenty second animation for this months issue. 3D World from Tim Clapham on Vimeo. Working with Mark Allin, an old friend and my ex-business partner from HYPA. We both…

MoGraph Tutorial - Using the Sort Options

MoGraph Tutorial – Using the Sort Options

In this short tutorial, I show you some more of the features available in the Cinema 4D MoGraph module. By using the Sort option in the Cloner, you can use Effectors to determine which clone from the hierarchy is displayed. The Sorted option in the Random Effector allows you to use each child of the…

Cinema4D Light Dome

Hi everyone and welcome to helloluxx, the new home of my blog. As a thank you for all the continued support, I’ve created a Light Dome scene that you can download for use in your own Cinema4D scenes. You will need MoGraph to use the setup and I created it using Cinema4D r11.5, but it…

Rendering an Instance

Here is one of my tests using the 11.5 Render Instances. Two lights with area shadows and global illumination. 1098001 objects 490380300 polygons 505851300 vertices Yes that’s 490 million polygons… You may ask why? Well, just because we can!

HYPA Strings

Uploaded a short test animation I created using Cinema4D Thinking Particles and Tracer.  Visit Vimeo for the HD version, although the compression destroys it some what! HYPA Strings from Tim Clapham on Vimeo.

Making It Look Great 6 – Review

I’m sure all of you out there are familiar with the fantastic work that Trish and Chris Meyer offer the After Effects community through their website, Pro Video Coalition, the AE List and of course their awesome Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects books series. I studied Creating Motion Graphics Edition One years ago when…